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Minor Problems And Questions


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I'm new to this forum and I was wondering if anyone can help me with some problems I'm having with my 1992 LS400 with about 118k on it.

Water accumulates in the right side parking light compartment. Anyone know what's the cause of this and how it can be fixed. I think water from rain and sprinklers finds its way into it.

6 Disc CD Changer stopped functioning after my car was slightly bumped while the CD Player was in use. Everytime I try to play a CD the LCD says ERROR.

The Dimming DAY/Night rearview mirror is a bit foggy sometimes, especially when it's hot outside.

I ordered Xenon H3 Fog Light Bulbs from ebay cause the manaul says H3 should be used for the foglights. When I got the H3 foglights, it had a wire and didn't fit. The original foglights are H3 according to the manual and have double ends. Anyone know what the foglight type really is and where I can purchase them with xenon.

That's all for now. I will appreciate any feedback people can give regarding these problems.

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Welcome to the club. I was wondering which corner lights are you referring to. the ones attached to the headlights or the bumper ones?

Regarding the rearview mirror, I can't think of a way to fix it other than replacing it. You could check with JPI from JP importz to see if he has something or a solution.

I haven't tampered with my fog lights yet, and probably won't since my Headlights are HID.

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Thanks for the feedback guys.

UCF3, I am talking about the parking lights attached to the headlights. Sorry I forgot to clarify that. We also have a 91 Toyota Previa that gets water in its right parking light as well. Whats up with that?

It seems that the foglights are indeed H3C and there's some with xenon on ebay.

I dont know if I'll be able to do what SKPERFORMANCE said by cutting off the end of the old foglights and crimping the opposite male or female ends onto the new H3 foglights that use a wire connector.

The rearview mirror is a bit blurry on the left side when it's in DAY mode and it's hot out.

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Hi -- I'm a new member as well...just joined up today, after reading these posts and realizing I could get a lot of questions answered. I'm responding to your question about water accumulation in parking light compartment. I recently had a tail light (right side) that you could see water in after I went through the car wash. It would fog up and just stay in there for days before drying out. The dealership said the seal was shot and so replaced it -- no problems since with any water.

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