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Air Ride Suspension.


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:huh: I have a 91 LS 400 with the air ride Suspension. The question I have is: How do you know if the struts are bad? I have been told that if the struts hold air then they are good. Is this true?

These are questions that can be referenced with the attached JPG (Image2.jpg).

I have seen a lot of post about greasing the stabilizer bar bushings.

Where would you grease the STABILIZER BAR? Blue, Green, Black or Red mark?

Also the #3 upper control arm, is it also called the upper ball joint?


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Does the car feel 'squirrelly'--does it ride good, does it corner good, are you happy with the handling------

if so, then don't worry about anything---

if not, the convert to regular struts.

type in 'air suspension' in 'search' and check out all the comments.

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My machanic and some people in LOC told me that my strut bar is damaged by that it makes this "clunking" noise like hitting two paint cans together. The noise comes when I turn hard, hit a bump but doesn't happend very frequently, but surely it is going to get worse as time passes. I realy don't know how often it makes this noise as of now because, I always have music playing. (My car does not have the air ride suspension option)

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lextreme is right. It's not an air suspension problem.

The only way you can tell if your shocks are worn, is by bouncing the car. Go to each corner of the car, and push down. Then move back, and see how many bounces are occuring. A good shock will bounce only once. there is a chance the bushings may need to be replaced, but this is based upon a common problem with a lot of First Gen LSs'.

shocks do not have air in them. They have gas(tokico gas shocks) or some of the more advanced ones has an oil and gas combination(z06 and C5 Corvette)

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I have brand new tires (2 weeks old). I have a post that talks about my tire buying experience. I do believe that I have a problem with the strut bar. I am going to have the car up in the air this week so I will take a look then. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should look for?

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