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Gps Nagivation Maps


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My buddy told me that upgrading the nav (maybe just here locally) was $200. Something with the ECU as well.

He just got a 2010 GS and they updated the nav for him last weekend. I need to do the same on this 02 LS I am going to buy. I think it's running on the 01 system.

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Where can I order latest updated GPS Maps for my 2005 LS 430?

I just ordered the update for my 2002 LS from Sewell Lexus in Dallas.

Over here they cost $253 AND you don't get the speed cams on the maps either. I'd love to rip it all out and have a Tomtom system in it's place with an HD screen. The Lexus maping I find the most caffangled system I ever did see. It took me 45 mins to figure out how to set "Home" So I'm on my Tomtom any way and for that money I can but a brand new unit of better model too. Naa, just another over priced product with the Lexus branding on ..

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