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A Bird In Hand Is Worth.......


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Having been #1 on the list for a Blizzard Pearl GX with KDSS for six months, things have been looking pretty bleak. My saleman called me about two weeks ago, saying they were allocated a black KDSS GX. After four years of trying to keep my black 1999 GS400 clean, I wasn't interested. Here's why I changed my mind. For each of the last two months (got this info from the fleet manager) , the factory has produced around 520 GX's for the Western region, including Colorado. Of the 520, five had KDSS and of the five, two were Blizzard Pearl. You can imagine what the odds are here. Day before yesterday, the black KDSS arrived at the dealership and since I was there to have my car serviced, took a look. Lo and behold, this GX has a factory installed Sport Bumper. Needless to say, it's certainly not something I would want (nice way of saying it's UGLY). I asked the fleet manager to check out the Sport Bumper population, so he gets on the computer and finds that all KDSS trucks that have been delivered in the Western region have the Sport Bumper ($699 sticker option), but he also says that if I want the truck, they have a black, non-KDSS truck coming in later this month (Feb 22nd) and they will swap bumpers for $300 labor. After quickly reviewing my chances of ending up with Blizzard Pearl, KDSS AND a bumper swap, I decided to buy. "A bird in hand is worth two in the bush". I did take the truck out on a short test drive with the protective coverings blowing in the breeze and did not notice any vibration or thunks.

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