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1992 White Headlights

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Hi, I have a 1992 LS400, my headlights seem pretty dim and aren't very good at lighting up the road in front of me. I have already replaced the stock headlights with some sylvania silverstars. I was wondering if their are any bulbs that will give me a very white bright light on my 92LS400(without getting an HID kit). If so any recommendations?


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Eagle Eyes headlights for the 90-94 LS400 have gotten positive reviews from several who have bought them -- there have been several past threads that you can find by searching this forum. Attached are photos of forum member Python's car with them.

There's almost nothing you can do to improve the light put out by the factory 90-94 headlights -- the problem is the light pattern cast into the lens. Silverstars have actually been documented to put out less usable light that regular bulbs and they have a short life ... stay away from any bulb with a blue coating.

The Eagle Eyes headlights use an H4 bulb so you have to splice in an appropriate connector to use them on a 90-92 LS400. The connectors can be bought at auto parts stores. I've spliced in H4 connectors on numerous cars and its easy to do.

Eagle Eyes have been available on eBay for a couple hundred $$ or so for a pair from seller Sabersport but there may be other sellers.

Edit: I just now checked eBay and Sabersport has them for $194 a pair.

post-2157-087856200 1287254324_thumb.jpg

post-2157-001636600 1287254336_thumb.jpg

post-2157-055684700 1287254346_thumb.jpg

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