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Can't Perform Emission/safety Inspection

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I took my 99 RX300 for inspection this morning. The shop stated that inspection cannot be completed. They asked if I had changed the battery recently which requiers the car to be driven 80+ miles for the computer to be reset. The print-out they gave me has the following on it:


Number of DTCs: 0

Continuous Monitoring test results:

Misfire monitoring complete

Fuel System Monitoring Complete

Comprehensive component monitoring Complete

Non-Continuous Monitoring test results:

Heated catalyst monitoring: Not Supported

Evaporative system monitoring: NOT COMPLETE

Secondary Air System: Not Supported

A/C system refrigerant monitoring: Not Supported

Oxygen Sensor monitoring: NOT COMPLETE

Oxygen Sensor heater monitoring: NOT COMPLETE

EGR system monitoring: Not Supported

I recently had CEL on and following advice from this forum, purchased Denso 234-9009 air/fuel sensor and had it installed to replace Bank1 Sensor1 by a shop. I have not had the CEL Since that time.

Please advise any steps I can take to 'have the computer reset' for the inspection system to inspect and pass the car. I have access to AutoTap Express DIY - OBDII Scanner.

Thank you.

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We've driven it less than 10 miles. Will drive it around and see if that helps. Is there any other way to reset the control system?

I'm pretty sure the computer has to record three driving cycles before you can do the emissions test. The only way to do that is to drive it. That includes starting and stopping the engine a number of times - not just continuously driving and putting miles on it.

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Thank you all for your help. I ended up driving about 90 miles before all systems were set. Most were ready within the first 20 miles the only one that took time was the EVAP one and probably it had to do with bringing the gas tank down below 3/4 full. It passed today.

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80 miles is BS, how many miles have you driven since it was repaired? It just takes a few trips and probably less than 10 miles to be ready for testing.

Carguy, I'm assuming different manufacturers have different protocol but I know some definitely take longer than that. I drive an F-150 P.U. and you should see the steps you have to go through to satisfy the drive cycles on that. And the different things that the computer is looking for IN THOSE drive cycles. Probably not 80 mi., but definitely more than 10.

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