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94 Gs Turns Over When Starting, But Sometimes Won't Start

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Hey guys

Every once in a while after taking the car out for a short spin, it won't start again. Turns over but nothin happens. Wait 5 min. Turn it over about 10 times and it starts up. Replace the Idle air control. Dropped 3 hundo but did not fix the problem. I'm out of ideas. Service engine light turns on when it doesnt start till I take the key out. But nothing registers on the computers when I have taken it in. Thanks for the help in advance.

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Many times this is caused by a fuel pressure issue. When shutting off a warmed up engine, pressure needs to remain in the fuel lines to avoid vapor lock. After cooling down a bit, the car starts again. Have the fuel pressure checked for holding pressure when the engine is shut off (residual fuel pressure check).

It could be something electrical too, for example bad plugwires, coils etc. When was the last time the car had a tune-up?

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