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RX in NC

Spark Plug Replacement In 2004 Rx330

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Getting to and changing the three rear spark plugs in my wife's previous 2000 RX300 AWD was practically impossible for me. I have huge hands and there was just no way for me to get my hands to that center rear plug along with my socket wrench extensions and universal. Fortunately, my small-handed neighbor up the street saved the day for me when I changed those plugs in October 2006. He had that center rear plug out and the new one in place for me in less than ten minutes. I sold that vehicle in late January 2007. Good riddance - I don't miss it one bit....

For those of you who haved changed RX300 plugs and also the later RX330 plugs, is there more working room behind the three rear plugs in the RX330, or is it the same nightmare set-up as the RX300? My wife's 2004 RX330 AWD is approaching 105,000 miles and while I won't even think about changing those fantastic Denso iridium plugs until at least 120,000 miles or more, it's never too soon to find out if I'll have sufficient room this time to get at them....

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