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Just Bought 1996 Ls400


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Hello all,

I just purchased my families first Lexus. Its a jade/tan 1996 LS400 with 68K on the odometer. It's a one owner, 100% maintained by the dealer every 5k miles. I was able to get a copy of the service records and carfax report with zero damage. Also just had a dealer brake job. New rotors, calipers, pads, and wheel balance. Paid $14,700. Might of paid a just a little too much?, but with the service history, it was well worth it to me. It's super clean. My wife actually thought it was brand new. My daily driver is a 1998 Grand Cherokee. When I brought it home on the tollway, didn't realize I was going 90. The car is smooth as glass. Just want to thank all the members. Before joining the forum, I've read several posts and have learned quite a bit of info and it definitely helped with my purchase. I was able to eliminate quite a few cars.

One newbie question.

Should I switch to synthetics for my 70k service. Engine, trans, etc.?

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i'm sure everyone one this forum would say, if you have the option to go synthetic, then go synthetic. sk can tell you all about it, he has a positive opinion of synthetic.

I agree..........

I use amsoil 5-30; and for the diffy 80-90W Amsoil synthetic

Most guys use mobil 1 5-30 with excellent results too....

I still use Toyota T-IV Transmission fluid though, as it contains synthetic additives and is specially formulated for toyota; since the LS shifts like glass, I'll keep on using it.

congrats and send us some pics when you have time!


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Congrats! I know what you went through. I just picked up my first LS on Tuesday. You got an excellant deal. I paid $11,900 for a 95 with 89K miles. I have been driving a Benz for the past 10 years.

Before finding this forum, I was deciding bettween a BMW 740iL or MB 420S. Due to the excellant reliability ratings, I stared to look more closely at the LS. I'm glad I did! The LS ride is as smooth as silk.

I am quite sure my next car will be a 430.

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