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Ect Power Button

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I have two questions

1. what is this ECT power button?

2. how to use OD button ?


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The ECT (electronically control transmission) button mainly gives firmer shifts from one gear to the next by turning off or reducing the amount that the engine timing is retarded between shifts and it also increases the speed points at which shifts are made. It supposedly gives a sportier driving experience although tests on various Lexus models performed over the years by auto magazines have shown no actual improvement in acceleration.

The OD (overdrive button) turns the highest gear on and off. It is more useful when towing a trailer or driving in very hilly country. Our Camry V6 has the same drive train as the ES of the same model year and we have never turned the overdrive off. "Overdrive" refers to a gear which provides a less than one-to-one ratio between the engine crankshaft speed and the drive shaft speed. These days the term doesn't mean much since most modern transmissions have at least one and some have several gear ratios that provide less than that one-to-one ratio. In "ancient times" (1950's through 1970's), a few mainly English and Swedish cars had a separate 2-speed electrically operated overdrive transmission mounted behind the manual transmission. As on your ES, the switch was mounted on the gear shift lever.

The ECT and OD buttons should be explained in your owners manual. If you don't have an owners manual, you can view it online at without registering.

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