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Factory Repair Manual For 1994 Ls 400

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:cries: Does anyone have the repair volumes for a 1994 LS400? If so would you be willing to sale them? How much would you charge me for the manuals? I have been driving a 1986 ford escort wagon for 6 months now, I miss my car and need the manuals so that I may repair my Lexus. Or does anyone know where I could get them free, or download the manuals.I have tryed my local library and several used book stores

Money is real tight right now so I am needing some help on this one.

Thanks Havoc123, email

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Maybe you don't really need the manuals yet. There is lots of advice and tutorials on forums regarding the various maladies common to an early gen LS.

What seems to be the main problem?

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$15 gets you a two day subscription to where you can download all the information in the Lexus repair manuals for your specific car model. You might want to do this during a period where you have plenty of time and you will need a good broadband Internet connection and plenty of available disk space. The files don't have meaningful names so you would have to spend time and effort organizing them but you could do that later.

The Sno-Isle public library has some on-line automotive reference tools - some can be used from outside the library and some only inside the library. Click on "databases and research" at

I've bought the Lexus repair manuals for both the 90 LS I drove for 13+ years and the used 00 LS that replaced the 90 in 2003. The manuals are good for diagnosing problems but often require specialized and expensive tools that I don't have. The manuals often assume a high level of automotive repair experience of the type a mechanic would get in on the job training. But having the manuals is better than not having them. If I was doing it again, I would download the information from I don't remember how much each hard copy manual set cost new -- I think it was around $150-$200.

Like Randy said you can get a lot of help from these car forums -- particularly on common problems.

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