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Scheduled Maintenance Questions

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Hey all,

I've started doing my own oil changes on my '09 GS350AWD (just performed the 25k change, using Mobil 1 full synth and genuine Toyota filter). Here go the questions:

1. I usually drive at least ~500 miles per week, almost all highway (50 miles r/t each day to work, at least 200 miles on the weekend). Now that the engine is nice and broken in(25k) and now that I'm using M1 oil, can I push oil changes past the 5k intervals? I've been hearing many people stating 7.5k mile oil change intervals is adequate. I don't want to void the existing factory warranty. However, I also don't want to waste perfectly good motor oil. Can anyone advise?

2. I've been looking at the maintenance schedule in the owner's manuals, and most of the items included in the 20k, 25k, 30k, maintenance intervals seem like a bunch of bullsh!t: inspecting brakes, coolant, brake lines, lubing chassis points, blah blah blah.... Can anyone tell me if there's anything real to this stuff? Can I just lube these chassis points myself? Where are they located? Are there any services (aside from the oil/filter changes) that scream out for attention?

Don't get me wrong; I have no problem paying for quality services; I'm not gonna buy an expensive car and then get cheap with repairs. At the same time, I'm not going to pay someone $300, $400+ to simply LOOK at things on my car when I can do that myself for free.

3 .Anyone have problems with the DRL's and foglights blowing prematurely?

Any advice is appreciated.


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Oil and filter is a piece of cake. The mileage question is personal preference and you will probably get a variety of answers.

Synthetic should be able to extend the interval but you are still under warranty and if anything did happen, you don't want to give Toyota a chance or reason to not cover anything. I would not go past the 7.5K mile mark and I love working on cars so I just do it at every 5k. It makes not having to remember when to change it as I will be in sync with the stupid little (but convenient) reminder light.

The only fluid I would really do is a complete flush of brake fluid every 30k or two years.

There is no power steering fluid and the tranny fluid is inaccessessable by the shade tree mechanic.

Coolant "should" be good for 100k miles.

If you can find the lube nipples you can lube them yourself.

I rotate the tires every when I put on the winter snows.


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