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Cel, Oxygen Sensor Locations And Replacement

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I am the original owner of a first-gen 1999 RX300 (built May '98) 2WD, 120,000 miles, and lately the CEL light has been coming/staying on.

It's been a good car; the underwhelming, benign-mushy handling and lazy transmission are my only complaints.

About the CEL: I cleaned MAF and IACV, and used quality CRC EFI cleaner sprayed into butterfly intakes while revving; blew out till exhaust was clean, and serviced K&N engine air filter. Then I cleared the codes by disconnecting the neg battery terminal and pulled the EFI relay under the hood.

The CEL comes back on after driving an hour or two, intitially with TRAC OFF (early 2WD RX300)and upon restart CEL remains on. After clearing, it seems to come on after driving an hour or two upon moderate (1/2-2/3 throttle) acceleration (freeway onramp uphill, etc.). I don't have the current CEL code, but 171 (System too lean?) was read the first time it came on.

I'm taking it to my neighbor Toyota dealer and asking for sparkplug replacement, oil change and read the trouble codes again.Is the dealer going to say new oxygen sensors?

Does anyone know the locations for each sensor?

How many O2 sensors are there?

I've done O2 sensors, etc. on other cars before. I just want to be prepared, because if it's a set of sensors I can replace myself, I'll save money on the parts as well as labor, and right now without an income I don't have extra dough laying around.


Jay (So Cal)

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