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Squeaky Brakes

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I have had my 2006 GS 430 for about a year. I brought it pre-certified with only 19k miles on it. Based on historical maintenance records, it has been well taken care of. About 4 months ago, my brakes began to squeal when applied and have since been getting worse. I've left it at the dealership on two seperate occassions, only for them to tell me that everything is fine and they are squeaking due to "light driving". I'm told that there is dust on the brakes, and that I should drive a high rate of a speed and apply my brakes quickly and steady to get that dust off. I've done that a dozen times, and I am a very agressive drive and nothing seems to work. I'm glad that there are no mechanical issues with my braking system, but i'm embrassed and sick of hearing these loud squeals everytime i apply my brakes. Any of you GS owner have the same probem? If so, what did you do? I'm thinking about taking it to a brake specialist like Midas or someone and have them tell me what wrong. I do not think this is normal. Please help!!

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