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Noob With A Couple Of Questions On A 96 Es300

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I purchased a 96 ES300 with the 1MZ-FE several years ago with 68k on the clock; the vehicle now has 99k and I am curious about the maintenance interval on the timing belt. I utilized the search function, but was unable to attain a definitive answer on the subject. What is the recommended replacement mileage? Also, I was curious on purchashing a RM452Uservice manual-any ideas on a good source, or is the 94-96 Haynes Camry service manual adequate.

Thanks to all of you in advance for helping me out.

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100k standard timing belt belt/water pump etc... (the LS is the only model that has a slightly different standard belt standard and you can let it go until 120-30k easily. - LS only tho ;) )

I have the haynes. it's perfect. just get that. 10 bucks used off kijiji or something.

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I just changed mine at 126K miles. Rear valve cover was seeping oil so I replaced both VC gaskets, new plugs radiator hoses, belts, and since I was in so far replaced the waterpump and timing belt. Piece of cake, all kinds of references on the internet on how to do.

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