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Lesson Learned- Want Ls400 Back!

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Greetings all. I haven't been on in a while. But the light finally went recently and thought I'd share. I sold my pristine 96 LS400 to my sister 2.5 years ago and bought a 2005 LS430 with all the bells and whistles. After owning that for 2 years and still kinda missing my 400, I traded it in for the "vehicle of my dreams," a black, fully loaded 2008 Range Rover. After driving that for the past 3 months, I realize what love really is LOL. I absolutely LOVED my LS, even without the nav, heated and cooled seats, etc. I now appreciate its basic beauty and simplicity. I had 130k miles on it when I got rid of it, after owning it for 6 years. It was absolutely immaculate and I had started the process of changing all of the rubber parts out that wear after years (motor/transmission mounts, rear knuckle bushings, replaced the power steering system, etc.). Needless to say, I'm buying it back this spring! The Range Rover has appealed to me since 2003 but it just doesn't come close to giving me that feeling when I'm driving it! It feels big and isn't maneuverable, something that I really miss when driving in the city. Now I realize why so many on this forum keep their older vehicles! When I originally sold it, I had decided that I would always try to keep up with the newest body style and the latest gadgetry. They were all overrated to me. I STILL like the LS400 even better than the new 460. I can't wait to get mine back, get the rock-chipped paint fix done in front, recondition the leather and carpet and fall back into the seats! If anyone has any referrals for auto restoration shops in the Dallas area, let me know.

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How did you like your 430 compared to the 400? I like my 400 very much! And I'm in the planning stages of replacing the rubber suspension bits and the motor mounts. I'm looking to do this myself to save a little money.

I'm curious to know if you're going to do the rock chip repairs yourself!


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The 430 and the 400 were 2 different rides. The 400 has less get up and didn't have anywhere near the technology of the 430. That being said, there is just something about that 400 that I love. The body style is classic and it is still as sturdy as a tank. I think I got rid of the 400 too early and just wasn't truly ready for the transition. I had an independent mechanic do all of my rubber parts changes.

I'm not going to do the paint repairs myself. I've been looking into auto restoration specialists in my area. You might want to check that out where you are.

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My 1990 LS400 is still my favorite car to drive. Can't quite put a finger on it but whenever I start to think about selling it, I drive it and then I can't. Haven't ever driven a 430 or 460, just my wife's ES330 which is no where near close.

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I have an SC400 but in the opposite situation.

I bought the car from my sister about 4 years ago and she bought a 1999 rx with Nakimichi sound system.

The rx is at home now she's not driving it because the tranny gave up.

Somebody is rebuilding the tranny now.

But still even before that she said that she misses her sc400.

Now with the bad experience she had with the transmission on the Rx she thinks she's gonna sell it next year and buy a Land Rover.

I told her to just get another 1st generation sc or ls but she said no because when you buy a car that old you don't know how the previous owners have treated it.

Then you can end up with a bad car.

Me Myself I'm gonna keep the sc for now till I get my hands on my brothers car.

That's my next dream car.

He has a 2007 Mercedes S550.

In 2012 he's done paying off this car at the bank but I hope he's not selling it right then because I won't be ready.

I don't want to pay the bank each month for the car I want to save up for the car so if he sell it like in 2014 then maybe I'll come up with $40k by then.

So I hope MY sc will last till then.


If My engine goes out before that then I'm gonna have to buy a new car.

Then I'll buy an AUdi or a PASSAT cc with 4 motion(all wheel drive)and luxury package.

But the I'll probably need to forget about the S class.

But right now that's about the only car I actually like I don't know if I lost my taste in cars or if I got spoiled by drving a Lexus.

But I don't find any car better then My sc.

A few weeks ago I took a ride in a Jaguar TYPE S with 1 of our brothers in christ and I wasn't even impressed.

I said like IS THIS a Jaguar??????

I feld like I was riding in a Ford Taurus or something I mean I didn't even feel like I was in a Luxury car and this was a 2005 model and BRITISH.

Maybe there is something wrong with me but I still think the sc400 ride is WAAAAAAY smoother and feels more luxurious then in theJaguar Type S.

Strange but that's how I felt.

BUt I hope these will become a classic soon.

When I buy my S class Mercedes I won;t sell my SC I'll keep it if the engine goes out I'll try somehow to fit another engine in it I'll do anything to keep it till I die!

When I die then they can do whatever they want with that car.

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