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Noise From Dr-side Speakers


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Is anyone experiencing a rattling type of noise comming from the

drivers side speaker. Kind of sound like a defect in the speaker itself. When I

first was in the process of buying the car, I noticed it during a test drive (same car). I insisted that the dealer fix it or NO deal, and it was fixed when I picked up a week later. Just went in for my 1k mile oil change and the next day , that awful rattle returned. I'm in the process of making another appointment with the dealer and it's going to take a week before they can see me.

Is anyone having this same problem? Or is it just me? :unsure:

'04 Super Black/Cream leather interior

Side bars- Rear Brush Guard

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New here. Have less than 300 miles on a new 04 RX330, was sitting at the optometrist's office waiting for the wife, cranked the stereo a bit, enjoying this wonderful vehicle and I get a speaker rattle just as you describe. *BLEEP*ed me off. Can't get it out of my head now. Noticed that it seems to happen more when I am leaning slightly on the drivers side arm rest, or when my knee is slightly leaning against the arm rest. I pushed on the panel (where the leather is sown together) and I could get it to rattle like crazy. Thinking it must be a wire that is just rattling around. Wife hates when I find these things, as I never seem to be able to get them out of my mind. Will mention it to the dealer at 1000 miles. Hate to think of them tearing out the door panel, but oh well ! By the way, this is the stock stereo.

2004 RX330 Onyx Black

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I have the Levinson stereo and I had a rattle in the speaker itself. It seemed to do it more when I had the stereo turned down some and it was a song with more vocals. I took it in and they "said" they replaced one of the speakers on the driver's side and it didn't help. The next time I took it over they reset all of my settings on the stereo, that peed me off I took it back and made the service manager get in the vehicle with me there and reproduced the rattle. They replaced the other driver's side speaker and I haven't heard it anymore. The one that was giving me problems was the one on the dash.

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