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06 Need Owners Manual - Changing Badges


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You had the exact same experience as me for my LX! As for owner's manual, RetiredDoc gave you the best answer already. ;)

I've just replaced my badges too, so here is my experience.

If you wanted silver, going to a dealer for OEM would be the easiest, but its about $600+ for the set!

Ebay have the badges (in silver), but not in a set, buying individual ones are about $80+ each, so getting the whole thing costs the same as the dealer.

I bought a set in black pearl, the whole set on ebay for about $120. My LX is darker grey, so it looks pretty good with a bit of modern touch to it. The rear badges fits perfectly with nice finishing, the only problem was the front. They sent me a front badge which is not for the LX, cause the LX's front badge have a bolt + a clip to it, they sent me a stick-on one! Luckily, the size is pretty close (probably 2mm smaller than OEM), so i self modify it, putting thicker double sided tape on the outer trim, since the curvage is a bit off too, than fitting it right where it covers the clip hole on the grill, than it looks good as new!

Hope this helps!

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