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Some Questions Re: Rx400H Spare Wheel

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I was recently in a fender bender with my 2007 RX400h. Part of the damage included the spare wheel carrier breaking free, resulting in the spare wheel and wheel cover being dragged underneath the car (a taxicab) that hit me.

I purchased the car new from an authorized dealer with chrome wheels. I believe that the spare wheel was chrome as well, but I'm not entirely certain. (When I retrieved the wheel from underneath the offending taxi I recall it being chrome and having a metal valve stem like the other wheels, but the wheel suffered a lot of scrapes and road rash, so I could be mistaken.) In making the repairs, the body shop replaced the spare wheel with a non-OEM alloy (non-chrome) with a rubber valve stem. The replacement wheel also has a plain center cap (i.e., not a Lexus logo center cap).

Can someone tell me if the factory spare wheel comes with a Lexus center cap? Also, is my recollection faulty, or is it likely that the original spare wheel was, in fact, chrome and had a metal valve stem like the rest of the wheels?

Finally, the body shop neglected to replace the scraped up spare cover, so I need to get them to change that out. In looking at the parts list, I see that there is also a "lower cover", but I don't see anything other than the larger cover when I lower the spare wheel. Can someone explain to me where this lower cover is (or should be) situated?

Many thanks.

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Did you go through insurance? If so, tell them to fix it, you shouldn't have to worry about this type of stuff.

Does your Rx have the TPMS sensor system? The system that turns on a light in the dash if the tire pressures are low? If you do, then your spare should have a sensor in it as well. The metal stem you're referring to sounds a lot like the TPMS sensor.

Your RX is quite new, so it's a LAW that, (per your request) all parts be replaced with OEM.

And yeah, the wheel should have had a lexus center cap. <_<

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And you should also look into filing a diminished value claim. If you are not sure how this works you can PM me and I will be happy to try to help you out. If you have an attorney involved have them take care of this as well. Basically a diminished value claim would get you some money for the loss of value that you have now because you have a car that has been involved in an accident. Now I am not sure about your state but most states you will file this with your own company but it is well worth it. If you are unfamiliar do a google search or call your insurance agent and inquire about this.

See CD sometimes I try to find ways to help people get money from their insurance company too! :) :) ;) Just kidding with you!

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