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92 Es 300 Temporary Fix! But Falling Rpm's


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ok so about 2 months ago i got my car's acceleration freeze fixed!

my car had begun to stall out when i would try to start it and i so i took it back to my mechanic (they got a new guy there who has worked on lexus for a LONG TIME) anyways, they decided to change a timing switch (ill think of the name later) which only cost me $127 (amazingly cheap part for the ~ $1000 on other parts that didn't help).

the car was fixed! it accelerated PUUURRRFECTLY! until a week later ;)

it went back to it's daily freeze of gears, but i dont even mind that anymore.

it stalled when coming to a light the other day (happened once a long time the exact same spot ;) ) and now it's starting to freeze at 2000 rpm's every morning for longer than ever before.

so if anyone ever had issues with something like that, and it wasnt your vacuum, this might be it ;)

new issue now ;) : not freezing, dropping from 3000 rpm's to 500 with the pedal to the floor..took it 30 seconds to kick back into accelerating... was wondering if anyone had this issue :(

my check engine light is on, havent had that checked out..but im getting better gas milege than before it was on... ;)


the car is going to the mechanic tomorrow hopefully, so we'll see.

just wanted to know if people had this issue and if anyone knew a darn thing about that timing switch (will add name tonight when i find the receipt).maybe somewhere down the LONG LONG road, my car issues will help someone.

and im terriblely sorry i havent been around; school is kicking my butt.

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nice to see you again

i can't remember did you ever get you maf cleaned with throttle body cleaner ?

have you checked you vsv's they are on the fuel rail and control the amount of pressure on the fuel rail for added fuel ?

ever check or change the speed sensor in the tranny?

what codes are you getting?

it just might be all transmission related also meaning you need a new one

which can cause bad milage ,stalling and if the throttle control valve is broken the rpms droppping

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i cant remember what all was done to the car...i know we checked that tube which is normally cracked and it was getting a little better gas milage so who knows what's going on. i've been thinking it's the transmission since the newest problem of dropping rpm's. it's getting checked monday, mechanic didn't have time friday. as for codes, i haven't read it yet, but i assume it's another O2 sensor code. which means we start all over again., becuase that was the first thing to go wrong. im just kind of hoping it's the transmission so i can say "w00t! Let's just get a new car!" i mean, a tranny is like $800 or more rightt? my car isnt' even worth 2000 anymore. and something else will go wrong (even have a tail-light out now.have to fix the BIG break light on the top of the tail-lights)

(copied from old post)

1) mass air flow sensor

2) some other sensor (one of the 0xygen ones) due to check engine light code

3)cold start sensor

4)coolant sensor timing switch *** thats the one that fixed my car for about one week.

i've been doing the school thing (i really don't want to go anymore), grandma died so im having to go through all her stuff and figure out what to keep or throw away/sell. and i just got my first ticket yesterday. i never really cared much about friday the 13th until now. stupid stupid terrible no good very bad day. 20MPH over the speed limit. obviously wasn't driving my car, if i had *Coughcough* lexus *coughcough*. so i have to go to court now, and i don't know what to tell my parents. my address on my license is still my parents address so they will be getting a ton of stuff about it.just don't know what to say. wont tell them until my uncle talks to the assistant DA..thank god for my uncle.

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