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Oxygen Sensor Repair Cost

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Your local Advance Auto Parts or Auto zone should have them thats where I bought my replacements for a reasonable price and also you can borrow their loaner kit when I say borrow I mean you do actually pay full price for it but return it with in 45 days and you get refund for it just ask for loaner kit and tell them for what job (i.e. changing out o2 sensors) Also from my own expeirence your going to need something to give you some leverage on getting those bolts off like a pipe(litteraly something like a pipe) to extend the radial turning motion from the center which is where the unscrewing of the o2 sensor is happening (Family Guy Quote(Quagmire's dad gets a s*x change: "Man, that thing was on there" LMAO)

If you need to find out and see how to get to the o2 sensors just wetware hack a meachanic that you never used before and will never use again for a while, here's how:

1: Take car into shop

2:converse [

You: 'I have a problem'

Mechanic: 'What is it'

You: 'I have to show you exactly Im bad with words and descriptions, would you mind jacking off, I mean jacking the car up for me' (say this line exactly so they suspect anything unusual (swallow your pride or your money your choice)

Mechanic: 'Ok'

2. the car is now on the jack and you both are under the car looking at 'The problem'

Mehcanic: 'Ok, so show me this problem your having'

You: 'Well my friend says he thinks there is something wrong with my o2 sensors but I don't know where they are or how to get to them'

3. Mechanic points to where they are located and the bolts to unscrew to get to them.

Mechanic: 'The o2 sensors are here but what kind of problem is your friend talking about '

4. You got the info and see where they are now to exit

You: 'Psh I dont know lemme come on him, I mean come back with him, he can explain it better'

Mehcanic: 'Ok, c ya in a bit'

wetware hack complete now you know where the o2 sensors are and how to get to them

Dont feel sorry for the mehcanic he probably just charged someone's 17 year old daughter 100$ for an oil change on a honda accord.


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