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20" Rims On 91 Ls


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Hey everyone. I have a question regarding some wheels im going to get.

Tomorrow Im getting 20 inch rims on my car and I was told I need to shave down the front two brake calipers.

I was wondering if anyone has heard of such a procedure, and if so.. please give me your opinion.

Is it a good idea? I cant put spacers, we tried that already.

The rims are 20" Cabo 907 /

The tires are 20R 225 35 i think, something like that

Thanks for your time everyone..

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You should not need to shave brake calipers if near to OEM spacing is used relative to offset. +36 and higher will be safest. For example, the SC runs an oem offset of +50 but people have gone as far out as +35. This affects handling and tracking of the vehicle. The lower offset will also make it more likely that the wheel will contact a fender or liner. Are you running stock brake calipers on that car? If so, then it is unlikely that a 20" wheel will require the calipers be shaved. Perhaps this individual is referring to the fender. A test fit will show you where you need to take care of fitment issues. Aside from that, it's finally down to trial and error.

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Well, i put the rims on already. It ended up that the spacers did work in the front after all.

But now my back driver side tire rubs on the fender whenever i make a sharp right turn or hit a bump. I was wondering if there is anything I can do to prevent this.

I have stock brake calipers. Thanks for the reply

Check out the ride..


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I put 20" wire rims on my 91 Lexus and have been having similar issues. The brake caliper isn't actually close but there is this metal bar than runs from one side of the piece the caliper mounts to the other. I have taken a grinder and made it about half as thick as it was now---not really sure how safe that was. As far as the rubbing on the fender there is no fix----mine dont rub no more becasue the fender is actually been rolled in at the bottom now...just kinda makes the gap between the door and the fender kinda wide. I bought these acorn looking spring raising things from Advanced Auto to raise the front of my car (Buy the ones that say for the back--a little bigger) and they twisted right in and give me like 1 1/2 more clearance... Anyways, your car looks nice and good luck.

I was gonna post a pic of mine but i dont have enough global space left or somethign...... its in the gallery on this site though

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...and the moral of the story is:

Don't put 20's on your car !

Besides tha fact that they don't fit, they look ridiculous. If you have to shave your calipers or add spacers then you're getting the wrong rims anyway. If you really want 20's then get some with the proper offset.

I parked next to a similar year LS the other day w/ 20's on it and the car was actually sitting higher off the ground than mine was. It looked like it had a lift on it - 20's are completely ridiculous IMO.

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