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Grey Smoke During Acceleration


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i noticed recently if i floor the pedal while driving i have grey smoke coming out. whn i floored the pedal while car was parked there was no smoke at all. is this my crankshaft and camshaft seals?

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hmm insufficient spark....

and how do you test for this?

i recently changed all the cables and spark plugs.

i used denso cables and denso iridium spark plugs., i changed rotors and caps as well.

aslo why dont i get this smoke when i rev engine when the car is not moving?

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i was hoping to avoid it:(

Hey, it's still cold up there, isn't it? It could be header leak. I've seen cases where that has happened and slightly dark grey smoke has come out during acceleration. This might be something you might want to tackle during Spring.

In the meanwhile, you could use some of the additives to seal up some leaks. Time to visit Autozone. :whistles:

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VMF it is completely normal for the exhaust gas at the tailpipe to go slightly grey under full throttle. The WOT switch tells the computer to go slightly rich to improve power, and also to heat the cats to clean them. The result is a grey smoke under full load. From idle just reving the engine won't do this.

It also sounds like the car is running properly and that there are no other symptoms.

Don't worry about it at all.

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