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04 Wheel Bearing Replacement

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Hello - So, I started to do the brakes and rotors for my wifes new car and realized that there was some "play" in the front passenger side wheel. I suspect it is the wheel bearing so I picked one up yesterday. The problem is that I don't have a manual so I'm not sure of the torque specs, best practices,etc.. when replacing. Unfortunately, its Sunday and I need to have it functional by tomorrow so I was wondering if anyone had a .pdf or could quickly provide instructions to do this.

I used to rebuild front ends on older Toyota Landcruisers and this looks far easier to do..Almost like a plug and play. However, I do want to make sure its done correctly so I don't have any issues in the future. While I'm at it, does anyone recommend a good source to get a service manual for this car? I've noticed a few people posting .pdf files so I assume there are alternatives over the Web? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Wheel bearing replacement used to be a simple task, but once they started to talk about "pre-loading" I got out of the do-it-yourself thingy. You might try to check the opposite wheel with a torque wrench and see what it takes to torque down the bearing nut.The lexus manuals are availabel but are awfully expensive.

Hope that helps a little.


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