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Timing Belt ,metal Clicking Noise

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after changing the timing belt ,I am getting a metal cliclking noise that is there when you first start the car as it warms up it goes away ,but sometimes it comes back for a little while.

any ideas



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I suggest you get a mechanics stethoscope if you don't have one. You can buy one pretty cheap from Harbor Freight. You can pinpoint noises easier with a MS than any other way that I know of. I can't even imagine what would cause that kind of noise as a result of changing the TB. You didn't allow the camshafts to turn backwards when the belt was off did you? I know it's pretty hard to keep them from doing it when the lobes are on high center. I have had them turn backwards off of high center when trying to get the belt on the right cogs, without any adverse effect, but I know the manual says not to let them. I believe it has something to do with the VVT. Good Luck!

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