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1998 Ls 400 Air Suspension

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Hi there,

About a month ago my rear suspension on the drivers side lowered down until there was just 2" of space between the tire and the body. Today I parked my car and after I came back I saw that the passengers side and the drivers side have no suspension in the rear at all anymore. The tires are covered by the wheel archs. The front suspension seems to be fine, so the compressor should be working fine. I've started the car and put suspension to "high" but it didn't change at all.

Is there any way to troubleshoot for faults? Could it be an air tube thats gone bad, or is this the end of the shock absorbers? Any way to be sure?

I've read that those cost about $1000 each, and that's just too much. I've tried searching for some alternatives (I live in Holland) and the only alternatives I could find are sold in the USA and I'm unsure if you can replace air shocks with the normal ones they use one the 1998 LS 400 without the air ride. Maybe those won't cost a fortune... Do they fit and is it possible to just leave the air system alone like that?

Hoping you can help me out!

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Sorry for the late reply have been on vacation.

There is a known defect with the ride height sensors on these models and also the sensor adjuster link arms can seize or break,so remove the wheels and have a look for any broken or seized arms before condemning the dampers.

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