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Brake Fluid Change

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I have question for all those who work on their own cars.

I want to change the brake fluid on my wife's ES330. I have the fluid and everything but want to know if my approach is going to work.

I will use a turkey baster to remove the old fluid. The refill the reservoir with new fluid. That is all I plan to do. Most people tell me that is sufficient.

So my question. Do I need to bleed the brakes at every wheel to do this properly? Or will it suffice to just change the fluid like I described?

Thanks for any help.

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You need to bleed the brakes by removing it from the other end .

Removing old fluid from the res is like washing your car with rain .

Or better yet pretending your eating healthy by chewing lots of vegetables and then spitting it out.

You need new fluid to pump through the system to flush out the old dirt and air .

The warn is next to everyone's name and yours is zero.

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