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Vehicle Washing & Drying (2 Bucket Method)


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Regular washing goes a long way to preserving the paint finish and overall look of your vehicle. Oxidation occurs when the paint loses it’s natural oils. Even the mildest soap will accelerate this condition. Commercial car washes that use strong detergents can dull your paint films surface even faster. Avoid the use of household detergents as they may contain salt and have a wetting agent allowing the water and salt to penetrate paint surfaces and body joints that may compromise vehicles corrosion protection.

As with most detailing tasks, avoid strong sunlight when washing any vehicle. The sun may increase the paints surface temperature causing water spots to magnify and burn into the paint surface. Detailing products should be applied to a clean and dry surface, with a temperature of >65 – 90< o F.

Clean, properly conditioned wheels & tires greatly enhance the overall appearance of your vehicle. Today’s wheels come in a variety of materials and finishes. Clean one wheel at a time, wash wheels and wheel-wells before the rest of the vehicle to avoid dirt and etc. coming into contact to newly washed surfaces.

a) Wheels and Tyres

·Ensure wheels and rotors are cool before applying cold water as this may cause them to warp. Hose off as much initial grime as you can. Rinse up into the wheel well to wash away road kill, mud and other debris.

·Apply a solution of P21S Total Auto Wash to wheel-wells and tyres, and let soak in, agitate with a long-handled boars haired brush before rinsing

·Spray P21S Gel Wheel Cleaner onto wheel rims and lat soak in. This cleaner is 100% acid-free and will not damage any type of wheel finish. Before finally removing gel agitate with a brush and then hose off

·Dry wheels with a towel, waxing the surface of the wheels themselves will protect the finish from brake dust and the elements and will make them easier to keep clean.

·Thoroughly hose off tyres and wheel-wells, apply a UV protectant to tyres.

B) Washing Vehicle

·To reduce the risk of scratching paint finish start by thoroughly rinsing the vehicle to remove loose surface dirt and grime. Use a gentle spray (Ultimate Nozzle) you don’t want to cause abrasion to the paint surface, take your time and be careful and you’ll avoid paint damage.

·Apply a tar remover (Autoglym Intensive Tar Remover) on lower panels, using a soft 100% cotton cloth to avoid contaminating your wash mitt.

·Use a quality car wash shampoo specifically formulated for automotive use, one that contains conditioning lubricants (Zymol Clear Auto Bathe) that enable abrasive particles to rinse off without abrading the paints surface.

·Use the recommended water / car wash ratio as per manufactures label, usually this is 2-3oz. (2-4 capfuls) Too much wash concentrate will leave a sticky film on the paint and glass surfaces that will attract dirt / dust.

·Fill two 5-gallon buckets (Grit Guard) with warm, not hot water. One is for wash solution the other for rinsing the mitt to ensure that any abrasive dirt particles are not put into the wash solution.

·While the vehicle is still wet from the rinse load the sheepskin mitt with wash solution and apply to horizontal surfaces (roof, hood and trunk lid) and then thoroughly rise with hose.

·Use a separate mitt for the lower vertical surfaces as these collect more road film, pay special attention to rinsing this mitt, so ensure nothing is transferred to the other surfaces from a contaminated mitt.

·Apply wash solution to vertical surfaces and rinse thoroughly.

Use a soft boars hairbrush to clean bumpers, plastic trim and all the crevices.

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