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Wondering if any similar problems have shown up on equivalent vehicles. 2010 LS 460L AWD, I have an interesting problem that Lexus has witnessed, but not solved. It is repeatable and is experienced in both right and left turns.

When starting from a dead stop with the steering wheel at full lock, as it would be exiting a driveway, the wheels stick in that position upon acceleration. This sticking is enough that unless you grab the wheel and help it straighten out, you will likely turn 130 or more degrees before the wheels are straight. In order for the problem to be at it's worst, the wheels have to be turned to lock while the car is rolling to a stop. It happens whether you back up, as out of a line of parked cars in a parking lot, or pull up to a full turn situation.

It seems to be ok if you start out slowly enough, but any normal acceleration, or rapid as when entering a line of traffic quickly, will show the problem. I have had the recall done for the centering of the wheel, but that was never a problem and made no difference in the symptoms. Car has been checked for dead animals between the belly pan and the steering linkage.

Feels, very much, like insufficient caster. And the car has done it since it was new, 7000 miles ago.

Do I have the only one?

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I had a 2008 LS 460L but it was awful in the snow but loved the car. I traded it in for the 2010 LS 460L AWD and I experience the same thing you are talking about now. My dealer says it is due to the AWD functionality. My Infiniti QX with 4WD locked and engaged acts in a similar manner so I buy what they are telling me.

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