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I have a Lexus 400 1996.

I want to share with you a simple technique to clean Air filter and the cabin filter. We all know that blowing air does not fully remove the dirt and grime. What I have been doing for a long time with my motorcycle filters and car filters is this:

Remove the cabin and the air filter.

Fill a bucket with cold water and add Tide to it. How much Tide? just 1/2 as you would use for a regular laundry.

Immerse the filter in the solution and keep it there for 10 minutes. Now move the filter in the bucket for a few minutes. You will find the water turning black.

If filter is really dirty, repeat above.

Take the filter to a sink and rinse with running water.

Dry in sun.

Wala! you have a new filter.

Cabin Filter is a bit delicate. Just be careful. You can include febreze in the solution too. You will be surprised the clean air you will get.

Save money and go green!

( I have done the above in a washing machine too. Just put the air filter in a pillow case and run cold cycle, dry in sun.

M Khan

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