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Gasoline Mileage On My Trip

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But if you look at it from a cost benefit analysis the lower price of the 02-06 is going to outweigh any fuel savings from the better economy of the 350...

If MPG is really important to you, you might want to look at an HS...or the new hybrid Lincoln MKZ

Just don't get the GX if mpg is a concern. :) if my foot isn't in it I can get 18 but this is a 50/50 hwy/city so for it size it's not bad. You guys and your mpg stories make me jealous :) well my gas goes on my company card and it is great having the extra room.

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lol Lexi, but the GX is a gorgeous machine. you win automatically ;)

and SW yeah you are right. unless i find a super bargain. on the flip side though, buying the farthest ahead you can in the curve is almost always the best way to go. getting the current gen will hold it's values vast period of time... and pretty much give the cost savings spread over the years. long run. always long run lol.

Thanks for the different way of thinking though bud, you brought up some points i should look more into. :)

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well my gas goes on my company card and it is great having the extra room.

Not quite as much fun when you own the company like you and I do LOL

Isn't that the truth! Been there, did that, now retired! (Can I charge it to your company now SW?)LOL


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Just to chime in, I got 30.42 mpg this morning over mostly two-lane and four-lane highway, but no interstate. Drive between 60 and 65 mph and use 89 grade gas in my 2010 ES350. Couldn't be more pleased. My Infiniti I-35 only got around 26 mpg on the same stretches of highway.

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