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O2 Sensor...


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My sister's check engine light came on on her 95 ES300 a few days ago... We brought it to the dealer today to check it out and they said that the O2 sensor needs replacing. They also went ahead and gave us a quote... $300 for parts and $300 for labor. wtf? Is this a must fix... What happens if we don't have it done right away? Anything else.... :(

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these O2 sensors can be had on the web for alot less, but you have to know which of the 3 is the bad one.

There was a web site that offered OEM sensors for around $100 each. you can try lexus parts wholesalers, too, like, You also might try contacting member JPI. He is and authorized dealer on this site and other sites.

They are easy to replace once you get at them.

The car will drive with a faulty O2 sensor, but you gas mileage may suffer and ultimately the cat will fail prematurely. Those ain't cheap either. Not to mention that the CEL will become an eyesore.


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Liek stevie said it is easy and needs to be replaced asap

as too much fuel in the chamber will cause wash out and burn the rings on the chamber as it will remove the oil lining it

an o2 sensor is basically a blot in the exhuast takes about 20-3- mintues to change and replace, so check with other parts dealer for prices

as there are 3 o2 sensors but only 2 different part#'s

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