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Joe F

2002 Ls 430 Air Condition

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My AC recently went out and I took it in to Lexus dealership for a diagnostic test. Service department stated the cylanoid went bad in the compressor and the entire compressor needs to be replaced. The estimated cost of repairs is ~$1600; does anyone have any alternative repair shops in Houston, Tx that would replace it for a lesser amount? Simply trying to save a penny if at all possible. Thanks in advance.

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Well that is the standard service writer response. Change the whole thing. The theory is that when the solenoid failed it overheated and possibly damaged the seals in the compressor. Possibly. I would try just changing the solenoid and see if that does it. I had a Volvo several years ago where the AC solenoid went. Dealer said change the whole thing. I went to independent foreign parts store got a replacement solenoid and it worked great for another three years until I sold the car. You need to see if the solenoid is sold separate from the compressor as a first step.


88410-3A260 UCF30..5FC 1 $461.31

This is full list price...

According to it is $231. Not bad and it is a DIY repair.....


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