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1996 Sc300 Stock Sub Amp Question

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My name is Kyle and I have been poking around on the forum for a while getting help as I am new to 2JZs and Lexus in general (I have a Trans Am, the Lexus was the car I helped my girlfriend get, don't hate me, I love muscle ;) ) but I have a great mechanical inclination and have installed radios in nearly everything. But I just wanted some advice on the stock sub amp in these cars. So, when she got the car, the sub worked and I was wildly impressed with how good a stock system can sounded. I installed a Pioneer P400DVD touchscreen in it, bypassed the stock REGULAR amp per a guide on this forum. Sub worked AWESOME for a week, then just stopped making noise. One speaker had already stopped working in the back, so I replaced everything back there. I fabbed up a way to mount a run of the mill Kicker 10" in the hole, and replaced the other two speakers with Alpines. ANYWHO, the sub still doesn't work, so I narrowed it down to the sub amp. Is there a common, easy to fix, thing that happens to these? (IE: Just replace a transistor) Are they hard/expensive to find? Or should I just bypass and run just a cheap single channel? Again, it is my girlfriends car and doesn't have to a rolling concert, but I like bass and I drive it a lot. Haha, so just input on getting that sub working again would be greatly appreciated.



P.S.: Awesome forum, can't wait to to stretch my arms into the 2JZ world ;)

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