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Tires For My 18 Inch Wheels


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I don't have an answer to your question regarding sidewall height; but here is an article that mar be of help when trying to compare sidewall aspect ratios to wheel well openings. Then again you may already know all this.

Some of us use Michelin Primacy's for their smooth ride and super quiet operation. Don't know if they come in 18" size.


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This site will let you play with sizes and profiles. I'm using 235 /50/ 17 and have no clearance issues... you might want to use that for width... measure around the 18" and see how much more room you have.. I don't know how you can compress the front to the max though to see what's left ...

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I've got a 07 ES350 with 18" aftermarket wheels and 225-45-18 tires. I can feel every crack and pebble in the road. Does anybody know what the highest sidewall tire I can put my car that will soften the ride and not rub? Just turned 50 and my body's fallen apart the way it is.

Sklongbro, i have the same size on my ES350 and i cant take it anymore, lol!! im going back to the stock rims and tires becasue the ride just isnt the same with the 18inch tires and rims.

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