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Lexus Safety Connect Service

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Has anyone been able to get a Lexus Safety Connect discount discounted in the same way as the Platinum Warranty? If so do you have the contact information and what it cost? I know there are multi-year discounts, however they are very small . Perhaps there is a dealer out there who sells the subscriptions at a real discount.

This is the "discount pricing the dealers" afford.

1 yr - 139.95

2 yr - 265.91 (13.99)

3 yr - 392.56 (27.29)

4 yr - 515.02 (44.78)

5 yr - 643.77 (55.98)

Its not a great savings.

I'm not interested in "Enform" it seems like a wasted service. I have no use for it. However the Lexus Safety Connect Service has the SOS/emergency feature. Collision Feature, Theft recovery (same as lojack). etc. This is a feature can save lives.

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Unlike the warranty, its not a profit center for the dealer. The warranty has a markup and is sold by the finance people on commission, thats why you can find dealers that sell it so cheap. The SafetyConnect, Enform, etc are like the XM radio, its a subscription service and the dealer receives no profit from you subscribing to it or not.

So really, if you want it those will be the prices.

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