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Big Problem With Transmission

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HI all.

My sister has got a 1999 rx300 with nakimimichi sound system and now she's got a big problem.

The car has 113 k miles on it and she takes really good care of it.

My sc400 I actually bought from her 4 years ago and everything still runs perfect.

But this one well.....

The car will drive but till like 30 to 40 mph if you go to fast the tranny will disingage and the car will not switch into drive again until you turn the engine off and start it back up again.

She's puzzeled at what to do.

She went to a Lexus dealer they told her the tranny needs to be replaced and a new tranny will cost like $5000.

She said she thinks she's not gonna fix the tranny she's gonna sell the car as is and buy an Acura mdx or a Hyundai Veracruz.

Because she's so discusted with the car she said like the sc400 she had before was way better in quality it has 145k miles on the odo and it's a 94 and the tranny hasn't ever been touched.

She kind of expected the samething with her rx but later all japanese products quality have degraded a lot.

Now I'm thinking because I work at a vw dealer and I know that with vw people often do a SOFT REBUILD of a tranny.

I don't know exactly what part they change but people do it when they have tranny problem that doesn't require a new tranny but just to fix the problem to get the car on the road again.

In this case a new tranny for $5000 is to much for a tranny but for a tranny this expensive isn't there a way to soft rebuild it.

I'll appreciate if one of you can guide me through the process of rebuilding a tranny partially because I work on cars but never did tranny rebuild but I personally think that a car like Lexus with such an expensive tranny at 113k there has to be a way to soft rebuild the tranny do get the car running properly again.

I know that I shouldn't question a dealership expertise so if they say it can't be done I have to listen to them but I work a t a dealer I know it's not lexus but vw but THEY DO MAKE MISTAKES so possibly there's something that the mechanics at the dealership didn't see .

But I want to ask for help maybe if anyone can help her out so she's wont have to sell the car

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The Rx300 (especially AWD version) is WELL KNOWN for this transmission issue, and there are tons of posts about it on this site. $5000 seems to be the going rate for the transmission replacement, although i've heard of many spending more towards $4000-$4500... Rebuild is another possibility, but it probably won't last.

It's a 99, tell your sister to ditch the car. The engine is getting old and everything else is too. Probably not worth the headache. That's my opinion...

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Well let's see.

I know a guy who's an expert on transmissions so I'm gonna go tomorrow to pick up 2 guys I know that are good on cars to help me get the tranny out of her rx and bring it to him.

Then he'll see what he can do with it maybe he can fix it for way cheaper price.

Right now she can't afford a new car but next year she'll sell it and buy a new one.

But not this year.

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