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00 Gs300 Interior Lights, Radio, And Clock Not Working.

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A friend of mine attempted to jump my dead car but crossed the negative and positive wires. I had to take it to the shop where the changed the PCM relay. Well when I got the car back the interior lights, radio, and clock did not work. I sent the car back to the shop and the guy working on my car stated that he checked every fuse and couldn't figure it out. I don't have the money to take it to the dealership because I just lost my job, so any help or ideas will help me tremendously.


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I found a post similar to yours. Keep in mind that although a fuse seems to be OK, it still may be faulty, so replace them by new ones to be sure.


I blew a bunch of fuses trying to jumpstart my 98 GS300. Yes, I was an idiot and crossed the leads.

It was actually at the shop getting a new O2 Sensor due to check engine light. They replaced the 120A Fusable Link, the EFI, ECU B, MPX-B, ALT and Clock fuse.

So all the fuses "look" good now, but the following things have no power:

- Interior lights

- Radio

- Clock

- Remote door locks

The guy at the shop said he checked all the fuses and couldn't find anything obvious. I brought it home now.

Any ideas of things to check next? There's also a 30A fuse on the ETCS circuit (looks like it should be a 15A - not sure who put that there as I'm the 4th owner)


Sounds like they checked the fuses in the engine bay, but didn't go through the cabin fuses. Where the driver's left knee on the dash is, there's a panel that covers that particular fuse box. That's where the named sub-systems get their power.

Check the DOME fuse & RADIO fuse".

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I literally had the exact same thing happen to me I wasn’t sure what the problem was because I had to replace the ignition fuse (inside the driver side panel) along with several fuses in the fuse box under the hood passenger side that got my engine to finally start up but my clock, door lights, and head unit were not working at all I didn’t even realize there was a whole other fuse Panel on the inside passenger side until I read this and saw the comment about checking the dome fuse and that’s exactly where it was and it was blown and that was the issue! Appreciate the help everyone 

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In my son's case with his (soon to be mine) 04 300 he had found all of the busted fuses and replaced them except one under the hood. The one that was blown would not simply pluck out like a normal fuse but was fastened to the fuse block from underneath by a 10mm nut. I don't recall if it was one or two. 

We went to youtube and saw a fellow replacing that fuse and how he set about removing the fuse block to get to the bottom. It aint real easy but with 4 small flat head screw drivers and a 10mm socket we were able to lift up and out the fuse block without breaking anything or bending soft plastics so badly that the cap would not fit back into grooves.

Now you may want to go by a junkyard and try it on that one first or buy it and bring it home incase you break stuff. It is best to have two people but can be done alone. The 4 screwdivers held the tabs "open" to allow it to be lifted out. 

It probably took us longer to figure out how to gentley pry the fuse block out of the casing than it did to replace the fuse. Even after being careful there were a couple of places where we'd bent a plastic groove in such a way that the cap no longer easily snapped back in place so we used some pliers to reshape things and make formerly straight section of groove that had become somewhat bent become straight again. 

Regretably I did not take any photos to share. When we were done I colored to top of the + battery post red with a sharpie so it could prevent this from happening again if placing cables back onto the battery in low light conditions like before. 

Now, strangely enough the fuel pump went bad. The car had run up to that point but the headlights etc would not come on. When the fuse was replaced the car would not start so we swapped out the fuel pump and viola. That was actually pretty easy to do once you get the back seat out. 


The youtube video

I hope it's ok to post links like above. 

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