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Turns Over But Won't Start


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I have a 1991 Lexus Ls400 and recently had the fuel pump replaced. Low water temperature light kept coming on for about two weeks, always filled it with water but couldn't find the leak. One day car just runs completely hot so I pull over at a gas station and have it towed to a mechanic shop. He tells me my water pump is gone bad, needs to be replaced and also he would replace the timing belt since that would have to come off as well. This was one week ago and now that the work is finished the car will not start. It turns over but will not fire. The mechanic explains to me that he has done the timing twice and assures me it is correct but the spark plugs aren't getting any fire on both sides. He is puzzled and not sure what the problem can be. Any suggestions?

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find another mechanic......

it takes FUEL, SPARK, at the proper TIME, with compression, to make an engine run. PERIOD.

HE should be able to MAKE sure all are present and if one is missing, find out why????

IF when you ran COMPLETELY hot, you blew a head gasket, your compression could be moving out when the piston is coming up.....

my thoughts....curiousB gave you VITAL information.. did you follow thru?

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