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Poor Fuel Economy...

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So i did some test before i posted this. All my driving is 99.9% city if i get on highway it is for 5-10 miles. Driving habit has stayed the same. And i used the same gas station which has No Ethanol fuel in 87 and 91

When i got the car it had a CEL Front 02/AF sensor. I was getting around 320 miles out of a tank ( i go by when the light comes on) at that time in also which i was filling with 91.

I finally replaced the sensor (bosch) at the time i still had 1/2 tank left but was only able to get 300 miles.

I started to fill up with 87 since this car does not say premium and i did not notice a difference. Well that tank went by and WTF 275 till light

Well I ran it till 300 to get as much of the 87 out. Filled up with 91 and Again i am now getting 300 till light.

WTF is going on. Did i get a bad sensor? or is this about the norm?

Now when first got the car i seafoamed, oil then plugs before the posted issues. I also use MMO since day one for a upper cylinder lube/cleaner

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