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94 Ls Suspension Problem


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Ok fellow LOC enthusiasts, I need advice! I just took my 94 LS on a long road trip and noticed some suspension noise (NO AIR SUSP) and a ride less than desirable for this car that I haven't had before. She has 93k and when I get back to Minnesota, I will have this looked at.


1) Ridges in pavement are felt harshly

2) During increases in pavement height, it seems too bouncy

Suspension is still OEM stock and never been replaced nor needed so far...

I just had a new set of Bridgestone Turanza LS-H tires put on which are suppose to be the best and I do like them. Using 31 psi in tires.

What should I concentrate on when working with my mechanic? Should I concentrate on shocks/struts? I have also noticed a spongy rubbing noise when going slowly over speed bumps in extreme cold temps.

Any help would be appreciated!

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sounds like it is "bottoming out" due to worn struts - a classic sign.....

Especially if it makes that "rattling clunk" sound over a pothole or similar.

Mechanic can check the Lower ball joints & Bushing for wear. Probably an

$800 bill for both sides of front suspension ;)

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like 99lsguy said the struts are gone, you will be surprised when you change them, and the ball joints are probably gone too. you also might want to change the swaybar bushing, when that wears out it makes an annoying clunking sound along with the lower ball joint.

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Thought I would share this update as a few ask for me to let you know. We'll, spent 2 hours at Lexus dealer this week and test drove my LS with top mechanic and suspension inspected closely with no problems found with anything. I am shocked as I am not happy with the harshness of noise when driving on less than perfect pavement. Mechanic stated that what he believes is to be normal for the 94 LS00 and didn't feel anything was wrong except maybe the front lower ball joints were a bit loose but didn't feel they needed to be replaced. Bushing, struts, etc. look good.

Now I'm wondering if it is the Bridgeston Turanza tires I had put on 3k ago. I did a lot of research on new tires and these rate HIGH for road noise, smoothness, etc.

For you other GEN I owners, what are your thoughts?

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