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Bruno Molly

Just Bought A 93 Sc300 For A Good Price..

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Ok, just bought a 93 SC300 for my son to commute between home and College. We got it for less than 2g's but it has minor issues...

Cluster needles don't light up. I remember reading a write up about the LS400 needles and how to repair them. I just simply put in a cluster that worked and never got around to changing the Caps on my old one. NOW, I would like to go ahead and start doing this and the SC seems like a good place to start since NONE of them light. Is there write-up on the SC300 Cluster Needles? All the Google searches keep leading to "Send your Cluster"

to I am not a fan of Sending things in for repair. I always practice the art of DIY with directions! Just need to know if this is the same as the LS400 repair which has White needles..I don't even know what color the SC needles should be.. Orange?.. Any info is greatly appreciated.


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