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Buying New Anytime Soon?

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i am the new owner of a used '01 RX 300, and i assured my Husband i would have the car for the next 20 years :) i was just curious if any of the owners of older models are thinking about trading her in and buying new?

i think i like the styling of the new models but something about this generation i just love. The visual appeal is tops for me (admittedly i am not "car" person although i am learning). The engine is a little weak but i don't need maximum performance to go the grocery store ;)

Just Curious what the rest of us RX owners were thinking. Money is an object for us of course, there is a dramatic price difference between my used baby and a brand new one.


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I LOVED my 2003 Rx300. It always treated me right and i loved the way it looked. Even today when i see one on the road i keep forgetting they're that old. The Rx300 was designed in 1997, but the styling still looks good in 2010. :)

The only reason we traded it in for the Rx400h was because we got an amazing deal. But now that i have the Rx400h, i realize how much i enjoy the newer technology. I was also glad to get rid of the Rx300 before the transmission blew out (which is common for the Rx300). <_<

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