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Sc300 Fan Belt Noise

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When I start my sc300 1996 the belt squills just at start up,just a chirp! then if I turn on the

ac and turn the wheels all the way to bind the belt it does it worst, I can drive it

and it does ok. I even pulled off the belt and replaced it and no change,But while

I had the belt off the pullys on power steering and ac turns freely. even the ten.pully

so any help please?

I have been told try changing the belt tensioner?

It just seems like if I crank it with ac on it really squills when the belt is under

the most load, As said above with ac off it still makes noise but just a churp then

no more unless the ac is on and turning and gasing on it a little.If I turn on the ac as I'm moving

it does fine it seems like the belt is just slipping for whatever reason...

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more than likely it sounds like your car's way of telling you 'Im old my bones creek' dab your finger in some motor oil and grease the tensioner a little stay away from that alternator with that stuff though it will stop working if to much foreign substance gets in

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