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Maintenance For A 1999 Rx300 After 150,000 Miles

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You have entered the Common Sense Phase of vehicle maintenance. Not much will change. The fluid/filter replacements (oil; transmission; etc.) will continue at the same intervals. Same for belts, hoses, cooling system components, etc. Things like the radiator and other components which likely have never been changed might require closer scrutiny to catch a problem before is becomes a catastrophe. Brake pads, rotors, brake fluid change-outs should continue at approximately the same intervals as used in the first 150,000 miles. My 2000 RX300 has just rolled 156,000 and so far so good. The transmission is due for it's 2nd service and it gets a fresh charge of Mobil 1 every 5,000 miles. Otherwise, I just keep an eye on things and an ear to the ground listening for things that go bump in the dark. You will want to pay close attention to the drive train components - especially the CV joints and the boots around them. Also keep an eye on the struts for any sign of fluid leakage. At 150,000 miles, you're either going to have to spend some money on preventive maintenance or know that things are going to fail since they are at the end of their original service life. If it rotates, oscillates, or is made of rubber, it belongs in the lineup of things to keep an eye on. Otherwise, drive on and enjoy the ride.

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