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92-93 3VZ-FE transverse mounted 3.0 liter V6, 24 valve DOHC, steel block and aluminum heads, traditional distributor type ignition system, platinum spark plugs, 185hp (probably the most "raw" engine of the bunch, also tends to require most attention of all, but that can be blamed in part on age of cars w/this engine)

94-96 1MZ transverse mounted 3.0 liter V6, 24 valve DOHC, aluminum block and heads, upgraded ignition system to individual coils for each plug, dual tipped platinum spark plugs, 188hp (smoother and quiter than the 3MZ-FE, also less problems associated with this powerplant, seems marginally easier to work on too; not as cramped in engine bay, but still not easy by all means)

97-98, I'm not too familiar with, except that they're still 3.0 liters but I know that VVT-i came into the picture in 98 or 99 and that the 03-04 models, the 330's, have a 3.3 liter. Im sure there's others who can help with the newer ones. ;)

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VVT-i was added in 1999 (taking it to 210 HP) . The '04 models are the first with the 3.3 (I think it's designated 3MZ-FE; 2MZ-FE is a smaller V6 not found in any US-market models).

I'm not sure what changed from '96 to '97, but I'm pretty sure it went from 188 to 200 HP, and that some parts are not directly interchangeable.

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If you go to click on "Certified Pre-Owned" then click on "Model Library" pick your model and year, you'll have quite a bit of information, but, does not go way back depending on model, as an example ES 300 goes back to 1999. Hope this helps.

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