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Want To Borrow Gen2/3 Nav Disc Pref North Alabama


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well i was in the maintenance screen and hit the wrong soft button. now the navigation system always comes up half in english half in japanese saying i need to insert the correct program disc. i have read online in some of the forums that inserting a disc with newer firmware version will correct this. so i would like to try someones 9.1 disc to see if it corrects this before shelling out the $200-$300 for a new disc. note i am not looking to copy someones disc because that will not work for a 2002 unit anyway.

again looking to borrow gen 2/3 nav disc rev 9.1 to try in 2002 sc430. it wont hurt your disc. just need for about a half hour.

otherwise i am seriously considering upgrading the whole damn stereo to get NAV/DVD/SAT/MP3 rather than pay $300 for mediocre nav upgrade that may or may not work.

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