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2005 Mark Levinson Stereo Replacement


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I have the Mark Levinson system with the 6 disk CD changer in the glovebox, DVD player and Navi. I'd like to replace the DVD and stereo, but unsure if I could do that and still have the touchscreen A/C controls. Do you have to just replace the tape deck with a single din unit? After searching the internet and local shops, I have yet to find any options. Anyone have any ideas????

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Why are you interested in replacing the DVD and Stereo ?

DVD sound output is very poor, but mainly my VAIS Tech cable broke, and I need to have the iPod integration. Also, I have the original VAIS Tech SLI which will not charge the iTouch. Took my GX to a stereo shop and they said no way, just buy a new iPod interface. they said it is possible, but I'd have to buy all new amps just to get back to where I started in the first place. Oh well.

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Hey was there any solution on this? I want aftermarket for all the features and plan to replace the system for the ground up for high output. I will be buying new amps, new speakers all around. I just need a single-DIN spot to mount a stereo, and I'm wondering if I can just drop it into the tape deck slot?


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