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Can A Bad Maf Give A P0031 Front Oxygen (A/f) Sensor Heater Circuit Lo

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Hey Guys,

I installed a Weapon R Secret Weapon Intake for my 2003 ES300 and I got the CEL on. I drove it around for a month and it ran fine, but I decided I wanted to try and reset the CEL so I unplugged the battery over night. The next day when I tried to restart the car it would idle rough. I took it to AutoZone and got the code read. P0031 HO2s Bank 1 Sen 1 Heater Circuit Low. So my question is... Can a faulty MAF senor give off a false error and cause that error code or is there no way thats possible and I should just replace the O2 sensor? Please advise!!!

Thanks Guys!!!

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Bank 1 refers to the first bank of cylinders or 1-3 (looking from the front of the engine)

Sensor 1 is the first sensor in the paticular bank, so bank 1

You could try cleaning the MAF sensor

here are some instructions

I have done this to my GS before as I was getting a similar code

easy to clean as long as you dont touch the censor, and could be a cheap fix.

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