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Lexus Sc400 Oem Spare Tire + Rim - Mint Condition

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Hi, I have and OEM spare tire for a 1992 Lexus SC400. The condition of it is perfect and it has never been used. Let me be clear, this tire is absolutely in its original condition. The rubber has never been on pavement, and you'll see the rim has never had bolts torqued up on it. (see attached pics) I got lucky, over the 12 years I had the car didn't get any flats! :D

There is a round red sticker on one side and a green one on the other side. The blue and red lines around the perimeter of the tire are also present. There are various white lines in various places which I believe are quality checks done during the manufacture of the tire at the time Lexus was trying to enter the luxury auto market. The appearance of this tire still shows it today!

I don't recommend purchasing this tire as a simple spare :chairshot:

I recommend this for someone who has restored an SC400 and wants a spare tire worthly of the condition of the car. :cheers:

Email me at if you are interested. I will be putting it on ebay but thought to check with friends here who have been great over the years I've had this car.











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